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Year 4


Well done to Evie and Tommy for your wonderful completed work on Purple Mash recently!  It was fantastic to see your independent maths work, spelling practise and work on electricity.  What fantastic motivation!

Suggested Activities

Week beginning; 1.6.20


Spellings and handwriting:

Forgetting, forgotten, beginning, beginner, prefer, preferred, gardener, gardening, limited, limiting, limitation.
Learn these spellings using look, cover, write and check.
Practise writing these in your neatest, joined handwriting.
Can you use these words in sentences?

Reading and Writing

Gregory Cool by Caroline Binch

Read the text and look carefully at the illustration.

Dusk fell.  Back at Granny’s house, Lennox took Gregory up the hill to watch the moon rise. Gregory kicked off his trainers.  He wanted to be barefoot too.  Below them, the lights came on one by one in the small wooden houses.  People called to each other.  Music played on a radio and someone started to sing.  Insects whirred, dogs barked and donkeys brayed. 

“Look at the candle flies,” said Lennox, and Gregory noticed tiny lights moving all around them.


What is happening here? Think about the two characters you meet, Lennox and Gregory. Which boy do you think is Lennox in the illustration? Which is Gregory? What makes you think this? What do you think their relationship is? What makes you think this? What kind of relationship do you think Gregory and Lennox have? What details in the text and illustration give us an idea about this relationship?

Now think about the setting. Where in the world do you think this might be? What makes you think this? What is it like there? What features can you see in the landscape? What time of day is it? How do you know?  How do you think it feels to be there? What words and phrases make you feel this way? 

Think about how the words and illustration work together to bring this scene to life. What words give you information about the setting? What extra information do you see in the illustration? How does the illustration make you feel? How does the illustrator create these feelings? How do the details in the illustration bring the words on the page to life?


Think about the words Lennox took Gregory up the hill to watch the moon rise. What does the verb took suggest about the situation here? Do you think both the boys are familiar with this place?

What might Gregory and Lennox be thinking in this moment?

Why do you think Gregory wanted to be barefoot now too? Why might he not wanted to have been barefoot before? What might make him want to be barefoot in this moment?

Do you know what a candle-fly is? Where are they in the illustration? How could you find out more about these creatures? Outside of the Caribbean, where the story takes place, they are known as fireflies. You can find out more about them here: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/invertebrates/group/fireflies/


Think of a place you have been before that made you feel the way Lennox and Gregory feel here. It might be somewhere you have been on holiday or for a trip or school visit, or, it might be somewhere that is special to you in your local area or home, you might take a scene you could see from your window, for example. 

Imagine you are writing a postcard to a friend about this place. What will you share about this experience? How will you describe your surroundings to help them really picture this place? What sensory details will you share to make your friend feel, smell, and hear some of the things you have experienced and help bring the place to life?  

Take a piece of paper or a blank piece of card and begin to write the postcard to your friend or family member. When you have finished writing, turn it over and draw a picture of the place you were writing about. Share it with someone else. Can they sense what it is like to be there? What do they find most effective?

I would love to read some of your work – please send photos to the school email address: office@southbankprimary.co.uk


Times tables

Continue to use these websites as much as possible to practise your times tables and division facts:





Daily Learning – Area and Perimeter

Continue to use the White Rose Maths resources to learn about Area and Perimeter – we are up to Summer Term Week 4 now (week commencing 11th May 2020). Watch the videos and join in with the activities – don’t worry about the worksheets.


There are lots of maths challenges for you to complete in your ‘To Do’ folder on Purple Mash. Have fun!



Make a poster to remind everyone of the ways you can stay healthy. Think about food, exercise, sleep and hygiene.

Draw a family portrait of the people in your family.

Make a card for a friend or family member for an upcoming celebration.


Research flags from around the world.  Can you draw ten of the flags?  Label your flag with the name of the country, its continent and its capital city.

Choose any country in the world. Create a non-fiction page / fact file about the culture, food, climate, people, jobs, animals, plants and transport.

Create ‘Top Ten Facts’ about the United Kingdom. Can you impress your teacher by finding out things that even they might not know?

Take a photo of your finished work and send it to the school email address:  office@southbankprimary.co.uk

Cultural Capital – Burj Khalifa

Research the Burj Khalifa.  Can you draw a picture of it?  Write all of the facts that you find around your picture.

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