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Year 3

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Week beginning: 1.6.20

Hi everyone!

I hope you have all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the gorgeous weather we have had. We are now into the last half term of school, I can’t believe it! I hope you enjoy this week’s tasks. Don’t forget to email any pictures of your work to the Office using- office@southbankprimary.co.uk .

Stay safe and keep busy!

Love from, Miss Bathe x

Class Gallery

Thank you to all the children who have sent their wonderful pictures in! I have loved seeing all the hard work you have been doing over the past few weeks and the different creations you have made.

What a superstar you have been this week Liam. You have worked amazingly hard and produced some gorgeous work. I love how proud you look on each of these pictures. Well done Liam.

David has been part of the ‘Sunshine Crew’ and worked very hard to continue the story ‘Watery World’. Well done David, you have tried really hard and your handwriting is beautiful.

Some of the children have been busy on Purple Mash completing information on Germination. Well done boys!

Wow! You have been busy this week Leah. Well done for keeping motivated and showing lots of ambition completing all of this! I love how you have highlighted the answers in the text.

Logan has had an excellent attitude towards his work this week, he has designed his own Mehndi pattern, researched the different functions of a plant and continued the story ‘Watery World’. What a superstar!

What a beautiful picture of Shelby and her little sister Elise. You look like you are having a wonderful time in the sun!

Charlie had a go at making the Mars Bar Cakes. He added marshmallows for some extra colour and they look delicious! Well done Charlie, you are developing some great life skills.

Liam worked very hard with his family to research why we celebrated VE Day on Friday 8th May. He produced this fantastic Newspaper report! Excellent work Liam.

Charlie enjoyed celebrating VE Day with a lovely Afternoon Tea. It looked delicious! I hope you enjoyed learning about the meaning behind why we celebrate VE Day.

Liam watched Miss Bathe’s hand drawing video to create his own giraffe! You have put a lot of effort into this Liam, well done!

Ryan ran 26 lengths of his garden to raise money for a local food bank at the Baptist Church. The video was too big to upload so I hope this picture is ok! It is lovely to hear that you are raising money for a local charity and helping those who are in need.

Zack has been busy baking the Cookies from our Extra Activities section. They look delicious and I bet they taste even better!!! Well done Zack.

Ryan has been a MAGICAL Learner this week and shown excellent ambition. He has worked very hard to create a Lego Model. He built an Airport and added to it each day. By the end of the week, Ryan had created an Airport with 3 waiting areas, 7 airplanes and a rocket! What a MAGICAL Learner you are!!

Liam enjoyed Mr Wilson’s Challenge on flags. He researched the Australian Flag and found some interesting facts about Australia. You are working hard to keep up with your cursive handwriting. Well done Liam!

Logan made the Norway flag and videoed himself telling us some interesting facts about the country. Well done Logan, it takes a lot of courage to video yourself.



Choose a book of your own or one from Oxford Owl (link below) and read it with your adult. You will need to register a free account in order to access the range of books. What did you like about the book? What didn’t you like?


Follow the link to BBC Bitesize and complete the reading tasks ‘The Worst Witch’ by Jill Murphy.


Watch the video of Rachel Riley reading the first extract from the text. As you listen to her read, think about the following questions:
1. What is Mildred like?
2. Would you want to be friends with her?
3. What does ‘hair-raising’ mean?

Watch the second video of Rachel Riley reading the next extract from the text. Now think about the following questions:
1. What do you think about Ethel in this extract?
2. Does Ethel deserve what she gets?
3. Should Mildred be sorry?

You could write the answers down to these questions or tell your adult verbally. Remember to use full sentences and explain your reasoning.

Activity 1-

Read the first extract from the text ‘The Worst Witch’. If you struggle with any words, try the following reading strategies.

  • Sound the word out. Can you split the word up and then try to say it?
  • Think about whether it looks like another word that you know.
  • Miss the word out and read ahead. Then go back and ‘guess’ what the word may have been.

Writers choose their words carefully so that readers can really get to know the characters. Think about how Jill Murphy has added extra information about her characters, then have a look at some of the quotes in the table below. Explain what they tell us about the characters or the plot.

You can copy out the table and fill in your answers, or say your answers out loud. You can use the sentence openers ‘This tells us that…’ or ‘This shows us that…’

QuoteWhat Does This Tell You?
There were so many rules that you couldn’t do anything without being told off…This tells us that no matter how well-behaved the pupils were, they would probably still get in trouble because there were so many rules.
… but things just seemed to happen whenever she was around.
… not that there was anywhere to go if you were allowed out.
… even if they did keep their distance in the potion laboratory…
… with long plaits which she often chewed absent-mindedly…

Activity 2-

Now read the second extract from ‘The Worst Witch’, this time focusing on the characters Mildred and Ethel. By showing us what characters say to each other and how they say it, the writer helps to bring the characters to life. This is called dialogue. Have a look at these examples of dialogue from Extract 2 and have a go at explaining what they tell us about Mildred and Ethel.

You can copy out the table and fill in your answers, or say your answers out loud.

Example Of DialogueWhat It Tells Us
“I think Miss Cackle gave you that cat on purpose,” Ethel sneered. “You’re both as bad as each other.”Ethel: She can be mean and enjoys teasing Mildred.
“Oh, be quiet,” said Mildred, trying to keep her temper. “Anyway, it’s not a bad cat. It’ll learn in time.”Mildred:
“Go on, then!” cried Ethel. “Go on then, if you’re so clever. Turn me into a frog. I am waiting.”Ethel:
Mildred was horrified. “Oh, Ethel,” she said, “I’m sorry, but you did ask for it.”Mildred:

Activity 3-

Extract 2 ends with a real cliff-hanger. As a reader, we really want to know what will happen next.

  • Will Mildred be able to reverse the spell?
  • Will a teacher come and discover what Mildred has done?
  • Will the ‘pig’ run away?

Write down 4 different predictions about what you think could happen next. You could use the sentence starters ‘I think that…’, ‘I wonder…’, ‘I don’t think…’ or ‘I predict that…’


Read the follow extract from ‘The Forbidden Tower’. 

The night was still. Not a breath of wind could be felt. An eerie silence filled the warm evening air, broken only by the sound of the crow’s wings flapping as it returned to its nest with food. 

Combined with the ghostly silhouette of the tower and the rickety pathway that led to it, the ominous silence made Lucy nervous. She felt a prickle on the back of her neck as she thought about what she might find inside the tower, and what might be lurking in the darkness around her.

Her heart began to thump inside her chest, seemingly matching the beat of the crow’s wings. 

Lucy had always been slightly wary of crows; they had sooty, black wings, piercingly sharp beaks and menacing, staring eyes. The crow had settled down in one of the gnarled branches of a nearby tree. She thought it was watching her. Surely it wasn’t though? Crows didn’t do that. It must have been her imagination.

Plucking up all of her courage, she approached the stairs. They looked rotten and crumbling, as if nobody had set foot on them for years and years. The crow was still staring at her, and had tilted it head to one side as if pointing its beak towards the tower. “What was this crow up to?” she thought to herself. 

“Are you trying to warn me about something?” she asked the crow. The crow did not respond, only shuffling its feet slightly on the branch, head still tilted to one side. She frowned. “Of course you’re not trying to warn me about something, you’re just a stupid bird.”

Her eyes left the crow and she ascended the first few steps on the rickety path towards the tower. “It’s just a silly bird.” Lucy muttered to herself under her breath. “Don’t be such a wimp.”

The crow watched as she left, and smiled. A wicked, cruel smile accompanied by a cackling laugh. “Silly, silly girl” it squawked. “I must tell the others she is coming.” 

The crow took off into the night…’

Question Time-

  • If you were Lucy, would you investigate the tower or go back home? Why?
  • Why do you think lots of scary stories are set at night?
  • What’s the difference between a silhouette and a shadow?

Continue It-

  • Can you continue Lucy’s story as she visits the Forbidden Tower?Where was the crow going? What would Lucy find inside?
  • Can you include sentences which include coordinating and subordinating conjunctions? For example: This had once been a happy place, but now everything had changed.
  • Include these sentences but improve them!
    1. The crow flew across the sky.
    2. It had wings and a beak.

Perfect Picture-

Imagine what one of the rooms inside the tower looks like. Draw and write down what you have imagined. 


Follow the link to BBC Bitesize and complete the activities on ‘Inverted commas’.


Complete the ‘To Do’ task on the orange words that has been set for you on Purple Mash. Don’t forget to click ‘Don’t let me see the word’.



Times Tables

Using Times Tables Rock Stars (link below), spend at least 15 minutes a day practicing your times tables.


Revision- Multiplying and Dividing by 8

Think back to Counting in 8s and the different rhymes we used to help them stick in our memory. I have attached the links for the YouTube videos we used.


Complete the BBC Bitesize learning on multiplying and dividing by 8.


Follow the PowerPoint on counting in 8s. Use the activity sheets to explore multiples of 8, multiply and divide by 8, solve simple problems and identify patterns in your 8 times table. You could play the 8 Times Tables Space Race with your family. Who can complete the race first?

White Rose Maths

Use the link for WRM and learning on Money and multiplying and dividing. Start from Summer Term Week 3 (W/C 4.5.20) and complete a lesson a day. Watch the video and then complete the activity from each day. The answers are available on the website.


Maths Games

Use following links and play some Maths games based on Place Value, Addition and Subtraction-






Use the free online website ‘Duolingo’ to learn the basics of the French language.


Start with the Basics 1 and complete the 4 lessons. These can be as quick as 5 minute jobs. Complete one lesson per day, practicing listening to words and repeating them. You will also practice writing in French.


Use the following link to BBC Bitesize and watch the video on Friction. Try to remember back to Science Week when we completed lots of investigation around friction.


Using a toy car, push it along a range of different surfaces (carpet, grass, plastic, pavement). Predict how far you think the car will travel and then investigate. Can you record your findings on a table? I have put an example below for you to see the format of a table.


Use the following link to BBC Bitesize and watch the videos on Teamwork. Think about how you would fit into a team and complete the activity sheet.



Try the ‘To Do’ task on Purple Mash. Create a code to help the magician create some magic!


Cultural Capital

Burj Khalifa

Research the Burj Khalifia and write 5 facts about it. Does it hold any World Records? Can you compare the size of it to different landmarks around the world? How does it compare to The Statue of Liberty? Once you have researched what it looks like and how it was made, design and make your own model of the Burj Khalifa. Once you have made your model display it with your facts and send them to the office email. This way we can make our own display of Burj Khalifa’s.

Come Fly With Me Week

Click the following link to learn more about the Teesside Airport. Research the different places Teesside Airport has had flights too. Is there anywhere you would like to go to?

Mr Wilson’s Weekly Challenge

This week’s task has been inspired by two amazing people in my life. They have traveled around the world, both for different reasons. This will be more clearer when you watch the video below!

What you will need for this week’s challenge-

  • A map of the world
  • Google (to discover landscapes and tourist spots)

Extra Activities

– Would you rather speak every language or play every instrument? Why?

– With your adult, follow the recipe to make ‘Cake in a Mug’. I would love to see your finished product!

Previous Learning Activities

Below are the previous weeks Home Learning tasks for you to look back on.

Miss you all & we will see you soon! Love from, Miss Bathe & Mr Wilson x

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