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Year 2

Home Learning Suggested Activities 1.6.2020

Check out the link below and do the daily BBC lessons.



Spend at least 15 minutes a day practising your 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. Try to complete at least 2 rounds of your Rock Stars account.       


Addition and Subtraction

Use objects that you can find at home or draw pictures to help you work out these additions and subtractions. Remember with missing numbers you can use the inverse (opposite) operation to help you.

For example     ?  – 3 = 20

Use the inverse of – which is +

3 + 20 = 23 so

23 – 3 = 20

23 is the missing number

White Rose Maths Lesson

White Rose Maths has daily activities for you to have a go at. Clink the link and challenge yourself to one a day!



Remember clocks have two hands which help us to tell the time. The big hand tells us the minutes and the small hand tells us the hour. When the big hand points to the number 3 we always say quarter past. In this picture the small hand is has just past the 4 so the time is quarter past 4.

When the big hand points to the number 9 we always say quarter to. This is because after the big hand has reached half past we start to say to the next hour. In this picture the small hand is has past the 4 and going towards the 5 so the time is quarter to 5.

Have a go at the 2Do tasks on purple Mash and play What time is it Mr Wolf . Start with quarter past and then move onto quarter to.


Maths Challenge


Read the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker.

Once upon a very long time ago, there lived a kind-hearted shoemaker and his wife. Unfortunately, the couple had become so poor that at last they had nothing left but the leather to make one pair of shoes.

One night, after a supper of bread and jam, the shoemaker shuffled to his workshop with his head hung down and his shoulders hunched. As he cut out the shoes from the last piece of leather, his wife appeared, “Try not to worry. Everything will soon be all right. Leave that tonight. You can finish the shoes tomorrow,” she said softly.

Little did they know but three little elves, Clary, Pepper and Jas, heard the shoemaker’s wife. They felt sorry for the kind man and decided to help. Working through the night, they cut, sewed and decorated until they had made a beautiful pair of shoes!

In the morning, the shoemaker and his wife were amazed to see the delightful, little shoes on the workbench. “Where have these come from? Who made them?” they wondered. Soon, a merchant saw the shoes in the shop window and bought them immediately. He was so impressed by the shoes that he gave the shoemaker enough money to buy leather for two pairs of shoes.

That night, too, the shoemaker cut out the shoes and left them on the workbench. Again, the three little elves returned. Working through the night, they cut, sewed and decorated until they had made two beautiful pairs of shoes!

This continued for many more nights, until the shoemaker and his wife were no longer poor. One night, the couple decided that they wanted to know who was making the shoes so that they could thank them for their kindness. After a hearty supper, they laid out the leather, hid in the workshop and waited to see who their helpers were.

Clary, Pepper and Jas crept into the workshop and by the light of the moon, cut, sewed and decorated until they had made several beautiful pairs of shoes!

“How lucky we are! We must return their kindness!” declared the shoemaker’s wife.

“Their clothes are ragged and torn. Let’s make them some new clothes,” the shoemaker suggested.

So, all day, they cut, sewed and decorated until they had made three teeny hats, three perfectly miniature suits and three tiny pairs of charming shoes. That night they left them on the workbench for the generous selves.

By the light of the moon, Clary, Pepper and Jas danced a jig of happiness on the workbench. Dressed in their brand-new hats, suits and shoes. They left the shoe maker’s workshop, not ever to return.

The shoemaker and his wife lived happily ever after, never forgetting the three little elves who helped them in their time of


Challenge yourself to read and spell all of the KS1 common  exception words before you come back to school. Write down the tricky ones so that you can practice these even more.



Log in to Tees Valley Music Service and continue to learn these songs. Can you find or make an instrument to play whilst you are singing? If you do make an instrument, send a photograph to school so that we can share it.


Cultural Capital

Burj Khalifa 

The Burj Khalifa a very tall skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is the tallest structure made by humans in the world at 828m. The building is 160 stories high. Look at the size compared to other tall landmarks from around the world. It holds many world records. See if you can find out what they are. 

Home Learning Gallery

It is fantastic to see photographs of the children working hard, being creative and having fun! Please keep sending any pictures to office@southbankprimary.co.uk so we can continue to share photos of our amazing children.  Can you spot your work?


Find out information about the river Tees by clicking on the link below

Have a go at some Cosmic Yoga

      Listen to some mindfulness meditation to help relax.

Be kind, be helpful, stay safe and work hard! See you all soon, Mrs Dowson, Mrs Redshaw and Mrs Hewitt

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