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Year 1 / 2

Hi Year 1/2, I hope you all like the video made with love from everyone at South Bank Primary. We are missing you all, but we hope you are staying safe and happy at home and I hope the activities on the class page are keeping you busy. As always I would love to see your smiling happy faces, so don’t forget to send any photos you have of you completing some of the activities to school: office@southbankprimary.co.uk.

A letter to my wonderful Year 1 / 2 class, from Mrs Longstaff:

Letter from Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Longstaff

Hi year 1/2,

We hope you and your families are well. It’s been such a long time since we have seen you all. We bet you have all grown much taller. We are looking forward to seeing your smiley faces back in school. We hope it won’t be too long, but we do need to stay safe.

We hope you have found some activities to make you happy. It would be lovely to see what you have been doing. Please send your photos to office@southbankprimary.co.uk

We hope you enjoyed the book Sayeeda the pirate princess and the activities.

Have fun learning about the Royal Family and doing the maths quiz.

Keep making us proud by sharing your smile and doing little jobs to make the adults smile too!

Look after yourselves and your families. We look forward to hearing from you.

Love Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Longstaff

Class Gallery

Thank you to Heidi for sending in her photo’s to school of her adventure to the Dinosaur park. She also collected wild flowers with her sister down by the river side, they are beautiful.

Fun at the Dinosaur Park
A beautiful collection of wild flowers.

Suggested activities week beginning 29/06/20


Quiz! – Ask your grown ups to be the quiz master and ask you the questions that go with the quiz below. How many will you answer correctly?

Quiz questions:

1) On your sheet you can see some stars. Can you count them carefully? Extension: Can you write the amount in words?

2) Complete the following number sequence: 20, 21, 22, 23, _, _ .

3) On the sheet you can see three shapes. Point to the shape that has four sides. Extension: can you draw the shape? Can you think of any draw any more shapes that have four sides?

4) There are 3 apples and 5 strawberries. How many pieces of fruit is that altogether? Extension: write the answer in numerals and words. Write it as a number sentence.

5) There are 10 hedgehogs in the garden. 4 of them are asleep. How many are awake? Extension: write the answer in numerals and words. Write it as a number sentence. Can you write any more subtraction facts within 10? If you can, can you find subtraction facts within 20?

Quiz answers:

1) 8 – eight

2) 24, 25

3) Square

4) 8 – (3+5=8)

5) 6 – six (10-4=6)

Let’s multiply!

It can help us in lots of areas of maths if we can quickly recall our multiplication facts.
Let’s get practising our 2x, 5x and 10x table!

Free Maths print outs: Click on the link https://www.doxdirect.com/printable-times-tables/ to order some free Maths worksheets that can be delivered to your home.

Stories can be great opportunities for maths learning. Check out https://www.mathsthroughstories.org/recommendations.html or you can use books you have at home!

Can you be a Times Tables Rockstar?

Sign up to Times Tables Rockstars for free at: https://ttrockstars.com/ and spend at least 15 minutes a day practising your 2s, 5s and 10s times tables.

White Rose Maths Lesson:

You can access daily lessons at: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/ . You should be up to Summer Term – Week 10 (WB 29.06.20) but you can revisit previous weeks if you need to. There is a useful video to watch before completing the activities.

These are a very useful addition to your Maths home learning.

We loved skip counting by 2’s! Show your grown ups how good you are.

Log on to Purple Mash to see what activities are in the 2Dos section.



Free e-reading books for children.

Just to let you know we have received a fantastic offer of free online access to over 7000 reading books for children from  Renaissance MyON  You can access these for your child on a phone, tablet or computer on the following link https://readon.myon.co.uk/.  You can search through different topics and has a really good selection of high quality texts. Children can read themselves or there is an option to listen to the book being read too. This is currently available until 30th June but we are hoping to extend it further. We would welcome feedback from parents on whether the children enjoy this resource.

Books are also available at:


Literacy activities:

Tricky words:

Information for Grown Ups – Tricky words do not follow the usual phonic patterns so cannot be sounded out but need to be learned by sight.

If possible, read a version of ‘The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff’ together. Tell children that Tricky Troll is the troll from this story. He is very grumpy and likes nothing better than to trick children by giving them words that are difficult to read and spell!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is purple-mash.png
Log on to Purple Mash and have a go at the phonics activity in the 2Dos section.

Bed time story: Settle down for bedtime with a CBeebies story: https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/stories


  There are daily phonics lessons at 10.30am for children to access:


This follows the Read Write Inc scheme that is used in school and would be a very beneficial addition to home learning.

Phonics play: Go to https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ to revise all the sounds. Read the words and decide if they are real or nonsense!!


Practice reading and writing the Common Exception words.

Extension: write a sentence including one or more common exception words. Remember to use your best handwriting and form your letters correctly. Start at the bottom and ‘whoosh up’ to form the lower case cursive letters. Have a look at the handwriting mat below to remind yourself of how to form upper case and lower case letters correctly.



Actions to Music: Portsmouth

Use recorded music with a strong beat (ours is ‘Portsmouth’ by Mike Oldfield) and add actions to it, for example clapping, tapping, knee taps etc.

Develop by creating simple patterns for children to copy.

Sitting on the Bus

(from Singing Sherlock Book 3)

Sitting on the bus and the light’s on red

Can you guess what the driver said?

One, two, a-one two three

Touch your head, touch your shoulders, touch your knees, touch your toes

Wait a minute, we can’t go!

Sitting on the bus and the light’s on yellow

Can you guess what the driver bellowed?

One, two, a-one two three

Touch your head, touch your shoulders, touch your knees, touch your toes

Wait a minute, we can’t go!

(repeat this verse two more times)

Sitting on the bus and the light’s on green

Can you guess what the driver screamed?

One, two, a-one two three

Touch your head, touch your shoulders, touch your knees, touch your toes

Are you ready, off we go!

Add actions in time with the song – these are similar to ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ with an extra word missed out each time.

Cultural Capital

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a bell tower in Pisa, Italy. The tower is world famous for its prominent tilt to one side. With an adult can you do some research to find out what made the tower lean to one side? It would be lovely if you could write the answer down, draw a picture of the tower and send it to school to go on the class page.

Extra Activities

30 Day Fitness Challenge: See if you can stay motivated and complete a fitness challenge every day for the next 30 days!

Here is a timetable of extra activities you can do with celebrities!

An alternative to Joe Wicks, have ago at Yoga Dance Party!

PE: Joe Wicks daily on YouTube or complete the What’s your name? challenge.

Useful websites:








Stay home and stay safe and we will see you all soon  – Mrs Longstaff and Mrs Phillips.

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