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SB 2

SB2 Suggested Activities

W.c. 1.6.2020

Hello everyone. Hope you have had a lovely half term. I hope you have managed to get lots of fresh air and have lots of fun.

You are all doing an amazing job staying safe and taking care of your families. I am hoping that we will start to see those rainbows very soon so we can all get back to school – I can’t wait to see your smiley faces and hear those happy (loud) voices!

I hope you enjoy this weeks activities and I look forward to seeing some of your fantastic work. Take care and keep smiling!

Jack has enjoyed collecting stones to paint and keep in his garden. Maybe this is something that you would like to do to remember this time?
Joseph has been learning how to play card games with his sister. Maybe you could learn a new game to play with your family. I hope he will teach me this one when we are back at school!


Times Tables

Return to counting—this is such an important part of maths.

Count in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Remember to count from different starting points-  forwards and backwards.

If you are able then practice your 3’s and 4’s as well.

This will hep you with your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars.


There are lots of games you can play when learning about money—role play shops of course is the best one!!

Children need to be able to recognise and name coins, sort coins and then learn to understand the value of coins -(nope, the biggest coin does not buy the most sweets!)

If children are confident with this encourage children to ‘buy’ objects using coins and even think about how much change the would get when spending money.



Think about months of the year, days of the week and events that happen during each day.

How many months in a year/ days in a week/hours in a day/minutes in an hour/seconds in a minute?



Continue to read as many books as you can and make sure you read lots of different types of books.

This week I would like you to focus on the vocabulary that you find in the books you read—make a list of the 10 favourite words you find in your reading this week. Think about what they mean and why the author chose them.


Speaking and Listening

Use books, the internet and the people around you to find as many synonyms for the word ‘said’ as you can.  Make a thought shower of all the words that you have found.


Design and draw your own story character—use your imagination and make your character as exciting as you can. (If you find this tricky you could look at The Literacy Shed website for ideas)

Write down noun phrases to describe your character—choose exciting vocabulary!

Noun phrase—an adjective and a noun together

E.g. viscous bear, magical princess.

CreativePhysical Education/PSHE

This week for your creative activity I would like you to visit the following website and join in with some of the physical activity videos that are on there.  Keeping our body healthy is very important, especially as we are staying at home for a lot of the time. The videos also have some very important messages about working together and the difference between right and wrong.  I hope you enjoy them!


Cultural Capital – Burj Khalifa

Research this famous building


Where is it found?

Why is it special?

Do people live there?

Can you visit?

Can you name another famous building?  Why is it famous?


· Learn a new song  – you could ask a family member to teach you or look online for a new song.

· Discuss—would you only be able to whisper or only have a very loud voice?


Be kind, be helpful, stay safe and work hard! See you all soon, Miss Kirwan, Miss Fox and Mrs Sturdy

Parents: Please can I remind you that there are services still contactable and offering support for children with additional needs if you are looking for any advice. Here are two that I have found recently:

Tree Tops Occupational Therapy are on social media offering lots of tips, advice and strategies.

Daisy Chain have a telephone support service for families affected by ASD.

Hope this helps. Miss Kirwan


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