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Early Years

From Tiny Seeds, Grow Mighty Trees!

Suggested Activities - 29.06.2020

Did you see the thunderstorm we had this weekend? I loved watching it did you? Did you want to go jump in all the puddles?
I will be making phone calls home again this week, can't wait to speak to you all.
Stay safe and keep smiling
Miss Silk and Miss Rutledge xx

Story of the week

The three little pigs

This is most one of my favourite stories to read and I know you all love it too! Remember to take a big breath so you can huff and puff as hard as you can to blow the house down!
Watch below:

Nursery rhyme of the week

Baa baa black sheep

Can you remember baa baa black sheep?
Watch the song below and join in the Makaton actions:

In school we also sing baa baa pink sheep and its definitely a class favourite, I’ve put the words to this below. Can you point to your tummy, toes and nose?
Baa baa pink sheep have you any spots?
Yes sir, yes sir I have lots!
Some on my tummy, and some on my toes and one very big one on the end of my nose!


Rainbow scavengers hunt

I have seen lots of rainbows over these past few months and this got me thinking can you go on a rainbow hunt to find and make your own rainbow? You could do this inside or outside finding things like crayons, flowers, cups or fruit and arranging them with help from an parent or sibling. I would love to see photos of your rainbows Happy hunting!


Make your own sheep

They are many different ways you can make a sheep, you could paint a sheep, draw a sheep or make one using different materials. I've put some examples below for inspiration. I cant wait to see what type you make and remember your sheep can be any colour you would like, red, blue, white or green what colour will you choose?

Cultural Captial

Leaning tower of Pisa

This is the leaning tower of Pisa, I wonder how high of a leaning tower you could make before it toppled over?. The leaning tower of Pisa is located in Italy. Italy is where some of the amazing food we love originated from my favourite is pizza, can you make your own pizza at home? You could use a wrap or pitta bread as a base, add tomato sauce and cheese and your favourite yummy toppings!

As always we would love to see what you've been getting up to please email: or send them to the schools Facebook page
Thank you

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