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SB 2

SB2 Suggested Activities

W.c. 29.6.2020

Hello everyone!

I am looking forward to seeing some more of you very soon! I have been very busy in school this week - setting things up and getting organised. Have you had a busy week? I hope you have enjoyed playing in the sunshine again. Remember to email the office some pictures so I can see what you have all been up to.


Number Bonds

Return to the work you did on number bonds (30.3.2020). Practise working out and then recalling number bnds that are useful to help with your problem solving in maths.

Practise bonds to 10, bonds to 20 and bonds to 100.

If you are feeling confident with recall of these bonds then begin to consider bonds to 100 with two-digit numbers that are not multiples of 10.  (64 +36, 27 +73).

BBC Bitesize

Use this website and find the ‘Karate Cats Maths’ activity.  Join in with the activities and practise all of the skills you have been developing over the last few weeks. If there is anything that you are finding tricky email the office and I will send you some work to help you practise the skill that you need to develop.



Continue to read as many books as you can and make sure you read lots of different types of books.

Alphabetical Order

Write down a list of 20 objects in your house. 

Cut the list into separate cards with one item on each card.

 Order the items using alphabetical order.

Remember if there are two items that start with the same letter—look to the second letter to order them.


Read the poem: Rainbow Colours.

Do you like the poem?  Why/why not?

Practise reading the poem out loud.

Can you write your own similar poem—think of different things that you could include for each colour.

Creative - History

Watch the following BBC Bitesize clip about Roman children and their toys.  Are there any toys in the clip that you play with today?

After you have watched the clip I would like you to design a poster all about a Roman toy.

Cultural Capital - Leaning Tower of Pisa

I would like to learn more about this very famous building this week. 

I would like you to use lots of little pieces of paper to make a mosaic picture of this building.  Your can use any colours you like.


· Make puppets using cardboard and sticks (or sock puppets) and perform a puppet show

· Discuss—would you rather kiss a frog or hug a snake?


Remember to log on and see what tasks I have set for you this week.

Be kind, be helpful, stay safe and work hard! See you all soon, Miss Kirwan, Miss Fox and Mrs Sturdy

Parents: Please can I remind you that there are services still contactable and offering support for children with additional needs if you are looking for any advice. Here are two that I have found recently:

Tree Tops Occupational Therapy are on social media offering lots of tips, advice and strategies.

Daisy Chain have a telephone support service for families affected by ASD.

Hope this helps. Miss Kirwan