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Hi Reception,
Summer is certainly here! We hope you've been having fun in the sun and enjoying the great outdoors. We will be sending some more marvellous me messages out this week. I wonder how many high fives we will receive?
Speak soon,

Miss Innes & Mrs Pfupa x

Letter from Miss Cordingley
Letter from Miss Innes and Mrs Pfupa



This week we are continuing to focus on the story 'What the Ladybird Heard.'
Mrs Pfupa will read you this story.  

Task: In the story, there is a map of the farm. Could you design your own map and write a set of instructions about how to follow it. It doesn't have to be of the farm, it could be anything for example a treasure island, a jungle, under the sea etc. 

Phonics with Miss Innes


Please continue to practise numbers to 20.
*Count to 20 and back again
*Find one more and one less than a give number to 20
*Recognise numbers to 20
*Counting out 20 objects 1:1

Shape, Space & Measure
Continue to:
*Learn the names of 2D shapes and talk about their properties e.g. a square is a flat, 2D shape, it has 4 sides all the same length.
(This could be done by creating a shape monster using shapes that have been cut out.)
*Learn the names of 3D shapes e.g. sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder and talk about their properties.

Use the links below to practise them in a fun way:
'Number Rock' -
2D shape song -
3D shape song -


Can you work out what double these spots would be? Can you complete the number sentences to go with them? Can you draw your own ladybirds and learn more doubling facts?


Maths games:

Understanding of the World

It has been so hot and what better way to cool down than with some ice? Can you make your own ice cubes? You could try making different flavours with juice. Think about How we make them? Look closely at what happens? Let us know your findings.


Mini mash - Thameside Primary SchoolThere has been some fantastic work saved in the trays this week on 'Mini Mash,' and it is great to see how many of you have been able to access it.  The drawings and stories were brilliant! 

For those who have not accessed Purple Mash yet, follow the link below. When you login, it should now take you straight to 'Mini Mash.' We have created each of the children a tray with their name on. When you complete an activity it should give you the option to put your work inside your tray. We will be able to view what you have been getting up to.

Cultural Capital - The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Fun Facts:


Mrs Pfupa's little boy Jack has been really wanting to make a paper aeroplane and Mrs Pfupa was a little bit stuck on how to make them herself so she watched a little video to help and now she can make amazing paper aeroplanes! Jack made lots of different ones and they even raced each other to see which one could fly the furthest.

Watch this video and see if you can make some too.




Home Learning Gallery - Can you spot some of your friends?

A video full of rainbows to brighten up your day. Enjoy! Star Cutouts Ltd Rainbow Cardboard Cut Out Party Scene Decoration ...
*Please continue to send, there is still time to add the photos to the video.

It really has been wonderful to see photographs of the children this week. It has brightened up our week! Please keep sending them to so we can continue to share. 


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Useful Websites

We hope you are all keeping busy and safe! We can't wait to see you all soon.
Miss Innes & Mrs Pfupa :)

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