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Year 4

Suggested Activities

Week beginning; 29.6.20


Spellings and handwriting:

information, adoration, sensation, preparation, admiration

Learn these spellings using look, cover, write and check.

Practise writing these in your neatest, joined handwriting.

Can you use these words in sentences?


Watch this video to recap work on fronted adverbials.

Write these sentences out and underline the adverbial (not all of them are fronted).

  1. He threw the ball against the wall.
  2. The dinosaur stomped through the forest and roared a mighty roar.
  3. The little girl jumped up and down like a yo-yo.
  4. Finally, the plane landed at the airport.
  5. An enormous boat sailed along the river Mersey.
  6. As the sun began to set, birds twittered in the trees.
  7. The fairy flew like a firework.
  8. He stood and waited under the clock.
  9. The ballerina was practising her dance moves throughout the day.
  10. After completing the race, Jasmine felt tired.
  11. Like an excited child, Arturo jumped up and down when he arrived at the theme park.

Reading and Writing - The Miniature Castle

Look carefully at the picture and answer these questions:

How long has the castle been in the woods?

Who lives there?

Why is the castle so much smaller than the forest?

Why would someone choose to live there?

Is it better to be the biggest or the smallest?


Imagine the tiny castle was one of many in the forest.  Can you draw a picture of the other buildings in the miniature town?


Choose the correct punctuation for the following sentences:

! ? .

Wow This is the most exciting day ever

Have you ever seen anything like this before

I looked through the tiny windows


Can you improve these sentences?  Think about using ambitious vocabulary and different sentence types.

The small castle was between the trees.  The trees were much bigger.  The castle had turrets.


Read the story opening.  Can you write the rest of the story?  Think about how you would feel as you approached the castle and what might be inside.

Hidden behind the maze of branches, stood a miniscule, enchanted castle.  It was so easy to miss among the towering trees.  Only the truly lucky noticed the tiny turrets; only the truly brave dared to look inside…

 I tiptoed slowly through the forest; leaves and twigs crunching beneath my feet as I edged closer and closer.  I could make out the tiny details, seeing tiny faces appear at the windows.  My heart pounded in mu chest…

I would love to read some of your work - please send photos to the school email address:


Times tables

Continue to use these websites as much as possible to practise your times tables and division facts:

Daily Learning - decimals

Daily Learning – Decimals

Continue to use the learning videos from the White Rose Maths website.  We are up to Week 8 (15th June).

2D shapes

Use the videos and learning activities on this website to revisit learning on 2D shapes:

Creative - Geography

Use this website to find out all about Florida:

Use the learning activities on this website to recap your knowledge of weather and climate:

Cultural Capital - The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Research the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Can you sketch a picture of it?

Purple Mash 

Don’t forget to check your Purple Mash folder for lots of different challenges to try!