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Social Emotional Mental Health Wellbeing Manager( SEMHW)

Hello my name is Mrs Clarke and I am the school Social emotional mental health well-being Manager.

My job is to support children, and their families, to ensure that the children are ready to learn.
I support families in lots of different ways beyond the curriculum, this might mean you need help with getting your child to school on time, or it might be supporting community difficulties, your child might struggle with their behaviour or social issues or there might be health issues. These can be short term or on going but I always place the child at the centre of what is done.
Here is a list of ways I have supported families in the past.
Typical Issues
Social Issues Bed Wetting Behavior Problems Punctuality
Bullying Emotional Issues Bereavement Family Issues
Cultural Issues Asthma Control Domestic Violence Adult/Family Learning
Attendance Issues Family Learning Health Needs Community Problems
Parent Advocate Confidence Building Anger Management much, much more...!

Here are a few quotes from parents I have supported:

She found the right people to help me and support me and my family Without her support I would still be at square one She is very easy to talk to She helped me with my confidence and now I volunteer at Breakfast Club  
Individual intervention and support
I work closely with the school counsellor. We are able to deliver individual or small group interventions in order to meet children's needs.
Topics may include bereavement, anger management, mental health issues, confidence building and self esteem, as well as investigating other barriers impacting on your child's time in school which may not always be immediately evident or that are short term.
Such work ensures that your child has the ability and mindfulness to engage in wider school life.
Maintaining positive interaction
I run a lunchtime club called Chit Chat Tuesday every week for children who require support based with social or emotional needs.
Children can take part in activities such as free play, board games and arts and crafts. All these activities can enable your child to learn valuable life skills such as socializing and taking turns
Reaching for help
I am very friendly and approachable person who will always make time to listen to your worries.
If you would like support with any concerns or issues then please don't be afraid to get in contact with me.
I have an open door policy in school or if you prefer you can contact me on 01642 453451, however if I am not available you can leave a message at the office and I will always return your call.
I also work closely with external agencies and if I am unable to help I will signpost you to someone who can.
I look forward to supporting you in any way I can.
Mrs Clarke
01642 453451