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Assessment Strategy

Assessment at South Bank

Last year was the first period of assessing against the new curriculum which was introduced in 2014.
Unlike the previous system, which was progressive and based on a system on levels, we now use a form of assessment which determines whether the child has reached a set expected level for their age.
This is a new way of thinking for schools, and assessment will look very different to how it has done for the past 20 years. The aim of this guide is to hopefully give you some clear information about all the changes that have happened in Education across the country, and what that means for the children here at South Bank Primary School.

Our assessment procedure

Our assessment of the children's attainment within mainstream school is based on our own system which describes what each child should achieve in each year group. Every mainstream child is taught within the correct 'phase' for their age and any gaps from their previous learning are filled with targeted initiatives. Children are taught to understand the content, and make links within their own understanding. Children who complete their phase, are taught to widen their understanding and 'master' the skills contained. Our assessment practice was introduced in September 2015 and has been amended where necessary, to suit the needs of our specific children. Below is our continued plan for ensuring our assessments continue to be effective and purposeful. Assessment Policy