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School Dinners

School lunches are cooked on the premises each day. School meal fees (£10.25) should be paid to the school secretary at the start of each week. We ask that you:

The Local Authority provides free meals for children whose parents qualify. Some parents may not know if they qualify or not, and others may not wish to apply but we encourage all parents who qualify to register for free meals even if you do not take them up. This is because the school budget is linked to the number of pupils registered for free school meals and contributes to the amount of money allocated to the school each year. It is not possible for anyone in the school to distinguish children receiving a free meal from those pupils who pay. If your child brings a packed lunch to school please note that fizzy drinks and sweets are not permitted and only one chocolate bar per meal is allowed. We are committed to ensuring that the children adopt healthy lifestyles and promote this through our Healthy Schools programme. AW18-19 South Bank Menu (1)