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Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and are ready for another week of learning.  This week I have chosen to read one of my favourite stories and I’m sure after you’ve listened to it a few times, it will be one of yours!  Click on the video to listen to…

The Wonky Donkey

There are only 3 activities for you to do this week as on Thursday we are celebrating World Book Day so there are lots of other stories for you to listen to and some separate activities to do.

Activity 1

  • To be creative and imaginative.

Imagine you are going to write your own story about a Wonky Donkey.  What will your donkey look like?  Think about these questions and together can you design and draw your own Wonky Donkey?

How many ears has he got?

How many teeth has he got?

What colour are his eyes?

What does he like to eat?

What does he like to do?

Is he happy/sad/grumpy/silly/noisy/smelly?

Activity 2

  • To learn and use the words tall and small correctly.
  • To learn to compare 2 things, one being tall, one being small.

In the story Wonky Donkey is described as being “tall”.  Explain to your child what the word ‘tall’ means.  You could use the word in context by saying “I am tall” or “The bird is small.”

Together with your child have a look around your house or garden and find things that are tall and things that are small.  If you can, make a list of them, or take some photos.  Every time you see something, ask your child if they think it is tall or small and then model the sentence, for example, “The fence is tall” or “The teddy is small”.

As a challenge you could ask your child to compare two objects to say which is taller and which is smaller.  You will need to model the sentence first and then ask them to copy.  For example “The house is taller than the car” or “The flower is smaller than the tree”.

Activity 3

  • To listen and respond to music

In the story the Wonky Donkey likes to listen to country music.  Click on this link to listen to some country music.  Have a dance to it if that’s how it makes you feel!

Once you have listened to it have a chat together about the following questions:

  • How does the music make you feel?  Happy/sad/excited/bouncy
  • Do you like the music?  Why/why not?
  • Have you heard anything like this before?

World Book Day: Bring a Book to Life – Thursday 4th March

This is a wonderful day to celebrate reading and all the adventures it can take us on.  To celebrate we are going to be completing a range of activities based on one of our favourite books “Stick Man” by Julia Donaldson.  Below are some activities that you might like to try throughout the day.  Don’t forget to send me some photographs of what you do.

Activity 1

Click on the video to listen to the story.  Can you join in with me as I read it?  Once you have listened to it can you have a go at re-telling he story to someone at home?  You don’t have to remember all of the story, just re-tell the bits you can remember.

Activity 2

Using blankets and duvets, can you build your own Book Nook or reading den and snuggle up with a good book? Maybe you could snuggle up with your teddy and read them a story, or why not snuggle up with someone from your family and share a book together?

Activity 3

When you’re out for a walk see if you can find some sticks and when you get home have a go at making Stick Man.  If you’re feeling very creative maybe you could make Stick Man and his family.  Remember “Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three.”  As you are doing this activity you could further develop your child’s understanding of ‘tall/taller’ and ‘small/smaller’ by describing the size of the sticks and the size of Stick Man and his family. 

Chill with the Bill celebrating World Book Day

If you would like to listen to something different as well this week have a look at the information below from Cleveland Police who are also celebrating World Book Day.

This week, tune in to our ‘Chill with the Bill – World Book Day Special’ with some of our officers and staff, as they share some of their favourite stories.

A link to our YouTube Channel will be sent out to schools for access to the stories below, which can then be shared with pupils attending school and also those working remotely.

We hope that this encourages even more positive relationships between young people and the police, as well as encouraging more young people to find enjoyment in a book.

Happy reading

Monday – ‘The Gruffalo’ (Lindsey Blackburn, School Liaison)

Tuesday – ‘Burglar Bill’ (Brian McCarthy, Police Sergeant)

Wednesday Double Bill – ‘Emergency’ (Kerry Blackburn, Force Contact Officer) 

‘Dogs don’t do Ballet’ (Lee Wilson, Woody & Panther, Dog Section)

Thursday World Book Day Special – ‘Paddington’ (Richard Lewis, Chief Constable)

Friday – ‘I am not your friend’ (BSL) (Sarah Prudhoe, School Liaison)

Here’s the link for you to click on if you’d like to listen to any of the above stories.


Rights Respecting School

This week we are continuing our work on Article 7 – “Every child has the right to be registered at birth, to have a name and nationality, and, as far as possible, to know and be cared for by their loved ones.”


Talk with your child about the things that make them who they are, for example:

  • The things they like to play with
  • The places they like to visit
  • The people who are special to them
  • The things they like to eat
  • The things they like to do
  • The clothes they like to wear

Ask your child to draw a picture of themselves on apiece of paper.  Once they have done that could you write down the answers to the above questions all around the picture of your child?  Please keep these and bring them back to school next week so that I can share them with the children.  Thank you.

This week our Let’s Get Active challenges are included in with the week’s activities.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all of you who have worked tirelessly with your children week after week during this lockdown to ensure that their education has continued.  I can’t wait to see you all back in school next week where we can continue to build on the work that you have done.

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