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Bellatrix (Year 4/5)

Spring 1

Remote learning

Happy New Year!

Every day you will need to check our web page for updates and new learning. Your child will be invited to weekly check-ins (on Microsoft Teams) which will take place every Wednesday, starting from 13/01/20. This is an opportunity for your child to see Mrs Cornwell, Miss Boggett and Mrs Khan,  show any work they are proud of and to see some of their friends they might be missing (an adult must be present during these video calls).  You will also continue to receive messages through Marvellous Me. Each day, your child will be expected to use Reading Plus and Times Tables Rock Stars.  Sometimes they will need to access Purple Mash for learning tasks.  If you need password reminders or would like to set up Marvellous Me,  please contact the school office.

Here is a suggested timetable which mirrors the school day and might help with a routine at home. It is important to try and complete all the tasks set.






12:00 – 1:00





Reading Plus

Times Tables Rock Stars

English learning


Maths learning


Topic activities

Play and relax

You have been sent a ParentMail giving you instructions for how to submit your child’s work.

Here are your learning activities for this week. 

Some of the activities include worksheets.  Remember that you do not need to print any work out.  Just record your responses neatly onto paper.

Monday 11th  January

Some of the activities include worksheets.  Remember that you do not need to print any work out.  Just record your responses neatly onto paper.

Online activities

1.Times tables rockstars.

2.Reading Plus


Spellings and handwriting

Please practise spelling these words.  Use each of the words in a sentence (remember to use your neat, joined handwriting) :

1. though

2. although

3. thought

4. through

5. various

Before the break, we started to learn the prefix re.  This means ‘again’ or ‘for a second time’.  Add the prefix re to these root words: arrange, appear, decorate, cycle.  Choose one of these words to use in a sentence.

Now, add the prefix re and suffix ing to these root words: build, play, heat and do.  Choose one of these words to use in a sentence.


Inverted commas for speech

Please watch the learning video below to refresh your knowledge on using inverted commas.


Please complete an activity sheet from the document below. The 1st sheet is easier than the last so choose a challenge that suits you!

Look at the picture below. Create a dialogue for what the characters could be saying. Remember to use a new line for a new speaker.


Choose your challenge (the activity on the right is slightly trickier):

Factor pairs

Refresh your knowledge of multiplication arrays using these activities:

Thinking Skills – PSHE

How do people see me and what do they think of me? Miss Boggett would like you to complete the activities below.

Please open the document below and work on one activity today!

Science – States of matter

Please watch the video below to find out about the different states of matter.


Choose one of the challenges below.

Challenge 1:

Write down as many things in your home that are solids, liquids or gases. Can some things be both? Why?

Challenge 2:

Sort these items into solids, liquids and gases.

At the end of the day, take some time to relax by reading a book, playing a game or drawing a picture.

Tuesday 12th January


Spellings and handwriting

Practise the words below in your neatest handwriting. If you spelt any words from yesterday incorrectly, you may wish to go back over those as well.

believe, bicycle, breath, breathe, build, busy, business


Please watch the video below which will give you some more practise with using inverted commas for direct speech.


Spend 20 – 30 minutes on Reading Plus.


Spend 10 minutes on Times Tables Rockstars.

Complete this fluency task:

Here are the answers so you can mark your work:

New learning: factor pairs

Please watch this video to begin your learning on factor pairs.


Watch the video below which explores what happens when baking soda and vinegar are mixed.

Make a prediction: What would happen if the amount of vinegar and baking soda were doubled?

I predict thatbecause


This week you are reflecting on how people see you. Please complete the second sheet in this pack.

Wednesday 13th January



Re-cap any spellings that were incorrect yesterday. Here are today’s words to learn. Remember to use your neat, joined handwriting:

calendar, caught, centre, century, certain, circle


Watch the video below to learn more about inverted commas. You may need to pause the video at certain points to complete a task.

Now, complete this activity on Purple Mash. I have saved it in your to do folder.

Frank’s Clever Window Again

Mark wants chicken


As a change from Reading Plus, complete this reading comprehension activity which has a focus on the skill of prediction. You will be asked to explain your answer – this means you need to refer back to what you have read.


Spend 10 minutes on Times Tables Rock Stars.

Complete this fluency task:

Here are the answers so you can mark your work:

Factor Pairs

Yesterday, you were introduced to factor pairs. Complete this worksheet to practise finding factor pairs:


This week we are reflecting on how others see us. Please complete the third sheet in this pack.


Please complete the activity Solids, Liquids and Gases in your Purple Mash to do folder.

Thursday 14th January



Practise these spellings in your neat, joined handwriting. Re-cap any spellings you have struggled with this week.

decide, describe, different, difficult, disappear 


Spend 20-30 minutes on Reading Plus.


This week you have worked very hard to learn to accurately use inverted commas for direct speech. The work I have seen so far has been outstanding.

Have a look at the picture below and imagine the conversation that the characters might be having. Write out a dialogue (the conversation the characters are having) using inverted commas for direct speech. Remember to use a new line when a different character speaks. As a challenge you could think about adding in some adverbs to tell your reader how the words are being spoken (quietly, loudly, shyly, angrily, nervously).

Try to write 5-6 sentences.


Spend 10 minutes on Times Tables Rock Stars.

Here are today’s fluency tasks.

Here are the answers so you can mark your work:

Factor pairs

This week we have been learning about factor pairs. The first challenge is for all children to access. The second challenge is aimed at the Year 5 learners. Please choose the challenge that is right for you.

Here is an activity sheet to further practise your knowledge of factor pairs.

Year 5

Click the link below and choose the Common Factors video. Common Factors are factors shared by more than one number.


The video will ask you to pause and have a go at questions on the worksheet below. If you would rather, you can watch the video first and then complete the worksheet afterwards.


We can explain the differences between solids, liquids, and gases by knowing what they are made of.  Scientists have found out that all materials are made of very tiny particles. These particles are so small that we cannot see them with our eyes, or even with a microscope! The position and behaviour of the particles is different in solids, liquids, and gases.

Please watch the video below to find out more about particles.


Complete the table below using information from the video.

Cultural Capital – Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller was in a bandleader and musician who performed during World War 2. He was born on March 1, 1904, in Iowa, USA. He played a few different instruments as a child, but his favourite was the trombone.

He dropped out of university to continue with music and formed and lead one of the best-known big bands. Together Glenn and his band had many best-selling records in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The music he performed was known as swing music. On December 15, Miller boarded a transport plane to France to entertain the U.S. troops during World War II, but he never arrived. The aircraft disappeared in bad weather over the English Channel. What happened to Miller’s plane remains a mystery.

Friday 15th January

Here are today’s learning activities. Remember that you do not need to print anything out. You can record your responses on paper and send a photo. Everyone has been sent a ParentMail with information about sending photos of work.



Please have another look at any words you need to keep practising from this week’s spelling list. Today’s words to learn are: early, earth, eight, eighth, enough.


This week we have been focusing on the skill of prediction when reading. Please complete this reading comprehension. Remember, when you are asked to explain your answer you need to refer back to the text. The answers are included so you can mark and correct your work.


Read the following description of a witch:

Xar peered down the hole and there, at the bottom, was something huge and dark, with long feathered wings for arms, and a nose like a beak, and even though it was not moving, a reek of dark magic came off that crumpled feathered thing so strongly that it made Xar reel back.

Today you are going to write your own description of a witch.

Write down lots of adjectives you can think of to describe your witch.

New Vocabulary

Malevolent – this means having or showing a wish to do harm to others.

The witch’s malevolent eyes glared across the room.

Write 5 or 6 sentences to describe your witch.

Can you include expanded noun phrases? (ugly wart, wicked cackle, malevolent eyes).

Can you include prepositional phrases (use a comma if you use these at the start of your sentence)? (At the end of her nose, In the inky sky, On her head, Sitting at the end of her broomstick, )

You might want to include some speech to show your reader what your witch says. (As she stirs her potion, she cackles, ).


Spend 10 minutes on Times Tables Rock Stars.


This week you have been learning about factors. There are two choices of activity below. Choose the challenge that is best for you.

If you need to refresh your memory of factors or your have missed a day of learning please visit the web page below and watch the video called Factor Pairs.


The activity below is aimed at Y5 learners but anyone can have a go.


Here is a positivity journal. Choose one or two of the activities to work through today.

Friday Quiz

Miss Boggett usually holds a class quiz on a Friday morning. She has very kindly prepared one for you to enjoy today.

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