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Admissions Policy

Children are admitted to the Nursery, on a part-time basis, as soon after their third birthday as possible. The school follows the admissions policy set out by the Local Education Authority.

Priority is given to

  • four year olds living within the school admission zone
  • three year olds living in the admission zone
  • children outside the admission zone who have siblings in school
  • four year olds living outside the admission zone
  • three year olds living outside the admission zone.

There is a single intake for Reception children in September each year. The allocation of Reception places is managed by the local authority.

In the case of over subscription the following criteria are followed in priority order:

  • Children who are cared for by the local authority
  • Children with Statements of Special Educational Need
  • Children permanently resident in the admission zone defined for the school
  • Children who have elder brothers or sisters attending the school
  • Children who have exceptional social and/or medical reasons for attending a particular school, professionally supported by an independent third party and sustained by the authority’s professional advisers
  • Children living closest to the school

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ALP Admissions Policy 2018-2019


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