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South Bank Primary Curriculum

In September 2014, the new primary curriculum was launched. As a school, we work very hard to ensure our children achieve the raised standards of this curriculum and we maintain strong rigour and pace in all subjects, especially those at the curriculum’s core.

This change in curriculum however, gave us the opportunity to devise a learning experience within the foundation subjects which suits the specific children of South Bank Primary School. This has meant that we have changed many of our topics, keeping the ones that children like best, whilst choosing other new, motivational topics.

Additionally, we introduced a Lifeskills scheme of work to ensure that children leave school with all the basic skills they need to be successful in the next stage of their education. We recognise that our parents do not always have to opportunity to give children the experiences they would like. As a result, we have pledged to provide a range of experiences, throughout each child’s time with us, to try to narrow this ‘experience gap’.

Details of our curriculum are in the documents below.

Click here to see the Primary Curriculum devised by the Department for Education: Primary Curriculum for England

Curriculum Guidelines 2014

SBPS Topic Rotation

Curriculum Overview

Lifeskill’s Scheme of Work

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