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Parent Involvement

We believe that teachers, parents and carers have much to offer each other.

Active co-operation and partnership between home and school is one of the most positive elements in your child’s education. By encouraging your child to learn with interest and enthusiasm at home you can complement the teaching experiences provided in school.

If you are actively involved in your child’s education by supporting learning at home, your child will really benefit in school. You can do this by sharing books, writing, learning spelling and tables and helping your child to research topics and find information.

During the school year we run various Adult Education courses which introduce parents to activities they can use at home to support their children’s learning. These courses are proving very popular and we greatly appreciate the interest that parents and carers show in school and welcome any who are able to become actively involved. Your support is invaluable, whether it be going on educational visits or helping your child at home.

Consultation evenings are normally held twice each year when parents and carers have the opportunity to talk with staff about the progress and achievements of your children. Open afternoons are held every term to showcase the children’s work to parents and carers. Parents receive an annual written report and this is normally sent towards the end of the summer term.

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