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Mission Statement and Aims


Mission Statement


‘Moving potential to new horizons through the provision of a rich learning environment, where individuals are respected and valued.’


South Bank Primary Aims

Our aims are to:-

· provide a supportive, yet challenging environment to stimulate, maintain and develop, a lively enquiring mind.

· encourage all pupils to reach their true potential and eventually become independent learners who value learning with and from others and have a positive attitude to life-long learning.

· value application, perseverance, initiative and independence of thought and action, as well as co-operative endeavours.

· develop a sense of moral values which can form a framework for a sense of own worth, and relationships with others, so that students become responsible members of society.

· develop in pupils a positive attitude towards themselves and others with a strong sense of self respect.

· develop a sense of respect for other peoples’ property, ideas and beliefs irrespective of gender, race, disability or academic achievement.

· appreciate human achievements, failures and aspirations.

· develop positive attitudes towards and concern for the environment.

Helen Hall

Head Teacher

South Bank Primary School


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