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Learning to Learn!

Grow Your Learning

At South Bank we aim to produce children who are confident, life-long learners. We know, through extensive research, that intelligence is not fixed at birth and that children (and adults!) have the capacity to learn throughout their lives and, ‘grow their brains.’ This is not as far-fetched as it sounds! Research shows, that as we learn something new, our brains create new pathways and the ‘learning’ parts of our brain strengthen and the learning becomes easier. It is critical that children understand this and know exactly how to become a successful learner.

Which mindset are you?

Have a look at the statements below. Which mindset best describes yourself?

Fixed Mindset (Red Brain) Growth Mindset (Green Brain)
I can’t change how intelligent I am. I must appear to be clever My intelligence is expandable. I want to learn more!
I avoid challenges as I might get it wrong. I love challenges
I give up as soon as it gets tough I keep trying even when it gets tough
I see effort as pointless Effort is the way I learn well
I ignore constructive criticism I like constructive criticism, it makes my work better

A fixed mindset is the result of a continual focus on ability rather than on achievement and effort. People with a fixed mindset avoid challenging tasks for fear of failure, thus missing many valuable learning opportunities.

At South Bank we encourage children to have growth mindsets. We can develop our growth mindsets by using our, ‘Learning Muscles.’

By using our learning muscles, everyone can grow their brains and become successful learners. At South Bank we know there are things we can’t do …….YET! However, we know how to learn well and we relish a challenge.  In lessons, teachers talk to the children about which learning muscles to use to complete a task.

Learning Muscles

I don’t get distracted
I dont distract other people
I get lost in the task
I do one thing at a time
I plan and think things through
I draw diagrams, jot down thoughts or things which help me to learn
Don’t give up
I work hard
I practise lots
I keep going
I try new strategies
I ask for help
I start again if I need to
I take a brain break
I listen to others
I say when I don’t understand
Im kind when I disagree with someone
I explain things to help others
I’m tolerant
Be curious
I ask questions
I notice things
I look for patterns and connections
I think of possible reasons
I research
I ask ‘What if…’
Have a go!
I have a growth mindset
I don’t worry if something goes wrong
I learn from my mistakes
im excited to try new things
Use your imagination
I’m creative
I let my imagination go
I think up new ideas and questions
I think ‘outside the box’

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