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Homework is a statutory part of education provision for all children, and it helps to:

  • Promote positive attitudes to work
  • Raise achievement of all pupils
  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding in literacy and Numeracy and across the curriculum
  • Encourage and develop independent learning
  • Increase self-discipline
  • Develop the home/school partnership
  • Prepare children for secondary transfer in Year 6

A variety of types of homework are used depending on the age and ability of the pupils. These include:

  • Reading
  • Spellings
  • Multiplication tables
  • Mental arithmetic tasks
  • Completion or extension of class work
  • A piece of research on a familiar or a new topic
  • Revision for a test

We also operate a flexible support system for children who may find it difficult to complete homework at home. Please speak to your child’s teacher for more information about this.

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