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History at South Bank Primary School

The history curriculum aims to inspire the children at South Bank to develop a curiosity and fascination about the past of Britain and the wider world. Skills and content are taught through topics.

  • develop a sense of chronology
  • know and understand significant aspects of the history of Britain and the wider world
  • understand connections between local, national and international history, cultures and changes over time
  • understand how we can find out about the past

We aim to provide children with first-hand experiences by visiting museums and historical buildings to bring the curriculum to life. We also invite visitors to share their knowledge and expertise about various historical periods, people and events.

Overview for Year 1 & 2

  • learn about changes in the recent past
  • find out about important local, national and global events e.g. the Great Fire of London
  • learn about significant people from different periods in the past e.g. Samuel Pepys, James Cook, Queen Victoria

Overview for Year 3 and 4

  • find out about changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • a study of ancient Egypt
  • find out about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain
  • study of Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons, Scots and Vikings
  • a local history study e.g. Iron stone mining

Overview for Year 5 & 6

Investigate the achievements of the earliest civilizations:

  • a study of Ancient Greece and the Olympics
  • the Americas (including Mayans)

Develop chronological knowledge beyond 1066:

  • Victorian Britain (including a local history study)

Study significant turning points in British history:

  • WWI or WW2

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