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FS1 Nursery


FS1 Nursery

Important Information:

The children at South Bank Primary School Nursery are very inquisitive and energetic.
We are a play based setting that encourages children to explore, create, have a go and a ‘can do’ attitude.
Children are encouraged to be independent and are given the opportunity to do so. During choosing time the children have the opportunity to explore inside and out letting their imagination take them.



Autumn Term


In the Autumn term, we will be learning about Traditional Tales.
This will include listening to stories, Re-enacting the different books we read and using props from the stories in the children’s play.
Children in Nursery will also be looking at changes in weather throughout the Autumn Term and celebrations such as Halloween,Diwali and Bonfire Night.


Spring Term


During the Spring term, the children will be learning more about Habitats. The children will be learning about a variety of different animals from around the world and their habitats. These will range from the Jungle, the Arctic, the Desert and many more.
We will be investigators finding out as many interesting facts as we can, using books in our school library and our computers.


Summer Term


During the Summer Term, children will be very busy learning all about people who help us. We will talk about people we see in our community and the different emergency services.
We will also be learning about transport and buildings. Children will have the chance to meet a variety of professions and ask them lots of questions.


Class Notices:


Peppa Pig will be given out every Friday. Please remember to return promptly on a Monday morning to ensure your child has the opportunity to share their experience with the rest of the class.

Every child in Nursery has their own Special Book. These books can be accessed on request. They contain a variety of photographs and observations that allow you to see what you child is doing during our sessions.


Let’s celebrate:


This Week’s star of the Week is:


Home Learning:

We have a variety of Home Loan reading books you can share at home. Please remember to bring school book bags in order to take advantage of this.


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