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Art Project


Over the Autumn Term three  children from Year 4 have taken part in an Arts project , along with 8 other schools. The project was organised by the Aspire Learning Partnership and funded by a grant from Arts Council England.

During the project the children worked with artists to develop their creative skills, and also learnt about what kinds of opportunities are available in the creative industries for artists. They visited an art gallery to find out how work is chosen and displayed for exhibition and finally were able to show their work at a special exhibition held at Cleveland College of Art and Design.


The project launched with a day trip to Saltburn and the Moors, where the children collected and recorded ideas for their artwork in sketches and photographs. After the initial trip the children had to decide on the focus for their final piece, which would be put into the exhibition alongside their sketch book. The children   attended art workshops at Bankfields School to try out different artistic techniques and then created their own art work.


This has been a wonderful opportunity for the children to meet and work with artists, develop their skills, and use their imaginations to create their own art. They have also been inspired by finding out about the many further educational opportunities and careers in which they can use their skills and talents in the future.


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